How important are photos to your customer?

Photos have a huge impact on your customers. They convey a picture of the company, the team and the products. You decide whether the customer stays on the website and takes a closer look at a product. You decide whether a customer signs up for the newsletter, fills out the contact form or buys something.

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of people remember what they saw. Only 20% of what you've read.

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all information transmitted to our brain is visual .

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of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds actively reading .

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a non-binding offer in advance?

Naturally. We would be happy to advise you and create an offer tailored to you, your products and your online presence.

I have a selection of photos. Why do I need new ones?

You always have to ask yourself whether the existing images still represent you and your company in a contemporary and appropriate manner. If you are planning, for example, a relaunch of your website or an advertising campaign on Instagram or digitally, this plays a major role. In addition, it must be ensured that the existing photos meet the technical requirements such as image size and resolution. Images that do not meet these requirements appear blurred and / or pixelated on the website.

Can't I just use stock photos?

The selection of stock photos is enormous. Unfortunately, the majority of affordable images are very interchangeable and not necessarily always good. There is good stock photography, but it quickly becomes very expensive.

If you want to use the pictures not only on your website, but also in the social media and print area, you have to buy high-resolution large pictures and they can quickly cost as much as a picture made especially for you. And you don't have exclusive rights to stock photos, other companies can buy these images too.

One of my employees has a camera, can't he take the pictures?

Just because one of your employees is an avid hobby photographer doesn't mean they can take the pictures you need to make your company stand out from the rest. For good shots you need more than just a good camera, you need good lighting (usually lighting technology) and compositional skills. Your employee likely lacks the equipment, composing skills, or the ability to translate your company's brand through photos.

Another question?

We would be happy to advise you on your individual inquiries.
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The opinion of our customers is very important to us

Five Stars

We build hairdressing salons with the highest quality standards and are particularly proud to be one of the leading manufacturers and fitters for hairdressing equipment.

Of course, we also have this claim on our external presence and our marketing. The photos of the nerdchandise photo factory can easily meet this requirement and we are very satisfied with the cooperation.

Sarah Oberthür

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Sarah Oberthür


Five Stars

We have worked with the nerdchandise photo factory on a variety of occasions.
They photographed our business portraits for the start of our website, the opening of our boutique in Düsseldorf and our bags and clothes collection.

And it doesn't matter whether you need a business portrait or a product shot - quality, professionalism and optimal customer service are the top priorities.

Silvia Avila

Bon Sach

Silvia Avila

Five Stars

Our suits and shirts are made to measure.

And so it happens with our photos from the nerdchandise photo factory. The cooperation is always refreshingly uncomplicated and professional. Even with last-minute requests and changes, the nerdchandise photo factory is always committed, friendly and helpful.

Jörg Messerschmidt

Harper & Fields

Jörg Messerschmidt


Five Stars

We at PBMvisuals stand for an all-round carefree package and unique service and we expect the same from our partners.

The cooperation with the nerdchandise photo factory is absolutely recommendable. The support from the first briefing to the completion of the job is flawless. You are only satisfied when the customer is satisfied. The super committed team of creative people is super flexible, does not refuse any wishes and is always open to questions and suggestions.

Lukas Flockert


Lukas Flockert


"93% of human communication is non-verbal"

Photos are the figurehead of a company. They give the visitor a real impression of your company, your employees and products. High quality images usually grab the attention of visitors long enough to get a second click and the longer the attention, the greater the chance of convincing the customer to sign up for the newsletter, make a phone call, or buy something.

We deliver the photos that make your customers linger.

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