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Increase in sales through better product photos.

High quality photos stand for professionalism. They give the customer a substitute for the tactile assessment in the store and create trust that influences the purchase decision. And you can share them on social media channels ...

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How important are photos & packshots for e-commerce?

Even the best product description doesn't help over the strange feeling if there are no or only bad product photos for the product. Product photos convey the most important information about the product to the customer in a matter of seconds and convey trust and professionalism.

"Recreate the offline shopping experience online"

Regardless of what industry you are in ... You have to stand out and be as creative as possible. Among the different strategies you can come up with, there is one that has a huge impact on buying behavior:
Product photography.


of online shoppers say photo quality is the number one factor when selling online.


of online shoppers want photos that bring products to life .


21.8% of
the world's population shops online, which corresponds to 1.66 billion people .

E-commerce photography

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a non-binding offer in advance?

Naturally. We would be happy to advise you and create an offer tailored to you, your products and your online presence.

Do I really need professional product photos for my online shop?

Professional and high quality product photos are essential for an online shop. Since the customer does not have the opportunity to hold the product in his hands, to look at it from all sides and to look closely at the color and material, it is important that the photos accurately reproduce the product with all its details. You can find out more about the online purchasing behavior of customers here.

Amazon has certain requirements for the product photos. Can you do that too?

Yes. We always keep up to date with the guidelines of the common online shop platforms.

Do my photos have to have a gray background?

No. The background color is freely selectable and can be adapted to your wishes and specifications.

One of my employees has a camera, can't he take the pictures?

Just because one of your employees is an avid hobby photographer doesn't mean they can take the pictures you need to make your company stand out from the rest. For good shots you need more than just a good camera, you need good lighting (usually lighting technology) and compositional skills. Your employee likely lacks the equipment, composing skills, or the ability to translate your company's brand through photos.

E-commerce photography

Why have products photographed at nerdchandise photo factory?

Photographers are a dime a dozen, almost everyone now has their own camera ... So why should you have your products photographed by us of all people?

The value of photos for a website is usually underestimated. The pictures in particular are a reflection of the company. Or replace the walk to the shop.

We bundle our entire know-how, our experience and creativity for you. Together with you, we will develop tailor-made recordings for you and your website. We want to bring your company and your products to your customers' homes. To do this, we put all of our passion and expertise into your recordings.

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