Let your jewelry shine in the best light.

The photographic representation of your jewelry should reflect what you have invested: manual labor, time and valuable materials.

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Every piece of jewelry is unique.

Jewelry photography requires the greatest attention to material, details and multi-layered recording techniques. Our specialist knowledge enables us to showcase your individual pieces of jewelry.

Your pieces shine in the eyes of your customers.

Thanks to years of experience in jewelry photography, we are well equipped to let even your most individual and complex pieces of jewelry shine. Captivate your customers with the most beautiful angles and the most magnificent details.

Unlike written text, visual information is not only processed faster but is also stored longer .

Good product photography
is essential to convince consumers to buy products.

A single photo can provide more relevant information about the quality of the product than paragraphs of text.


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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a non-binding offer in advance?

Naturally. We would be happy to advise you and create an offer tailored to you, your products and your online presence.

Do I really need professional product photos for my online shop?

Professional and high quality product photos are essential for an online shop. Since the customer does not have the opportunity to hold the product in his hands, to look at it from all sides and to look closely at the color and material, it is important that the photos accurately reproduce the product with all its details. You can find out more about the online purchasing behavior of customers here.

I have an individual production that I need a photo of. But I don't want to keep the customer waiting for their piece of jewelry.

You can call us at any time and we will arrange a quick pick-up and will bring the piece of jewelery back on the same day or the next morning.

My jewelry is very valuable. How does a shoot work?

We will pick up the jewelry from you personally. Be extremely careful with all pieces during the shoot. As soon as the recordings are finished, we will bring everything back to you personally.


Why have products photographed at nerdchandise photo factory?

Photographers are a dime a dozen, almost everyone now has their own camera ... So why should you have your products photographed by us of all people?

The value of photos for a website is usually underestimated. The pictures in particular are a reflection of the company. Or replace the walk to the shop.

We bundle our entire know-how, our experience and creativity for you. Together with you, we develop tailor-made recordings for you and your website. We want to bring your company and your products to your customers' homes. To do this, we put all of our passion and expertise into your recordings.


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